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 Conract / Project No Client Description Status Duration
CN101128 ROO(BP) TAR Shutdown Services  Completed  1 Year
CN101377 ROO(BP) TAR Shutdown Services  Ongoing 4 Year
CN101242 ROO(BP) Fabrication Maintenance  Completed  1 Year
CN101607 ROO(BP) Short Term Fabric Maintenance  Ongoing  1 Year

The Scope of Work include:
Provision of Maintenance and Modification Services (MMSC) in support of the infrastructure and equipment maintained and operated.

  • Infrastructure refers to the buildings, support structures, roads, fences, gates, barriers and power distribution systems.
  • Equipment refers to all equipment and utilities associated with the production and processing of gas, LPG and condensate.

The scope of services consists of direct services and indirect support activities to effect maintenance and modifications to the following main equipment categories:

1- Pressure Retaining/ Process Equipment – all equipment, piping, vessels and utilities, the scope comprises modifications to, and maintenance repair of pressure retaining equipment such as piping systems and vessels, and the provision of skilled and unskilled support labour to effect equipment change-out, upgrades or reinstatement.
Structural Equipment and Systems – support structures of all kinds in ROO operated facilities, including pipe-racks, vessel supports, pipe-supports, towers, bridge structures, jetties and mooring structures.
Scope comprises maintenance activities, modifications and provision of new facilities.
2- Civil Works, Buildings and Foundations – permanent and temporary buildings, housing and shelters including the foundations.
Services to and from buildings, pathways, roads, trenching work, landscaping and finishing.
Power Distribution Systems – installation of distribution networks from the generator to the end device including transmission systems, transformers and switchboards.
Electrical authority for energizing systems retained by ROO.