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ROO (BP) contract no. CN103128
For TANK & VESSEL CLEANING & REPAIR SERVICES, we completed Ratqa DS in South Rumaila.
The scope of work is:
1-Ras Al Khaimah performed tank and pressure vessel cleaning services by using steam, chemical and hot and cold water at high and low pressure on degassing stations for crude oil in the Rumaila region.
The vessels include but are not limited to separators, desalters, dehydrators, oil storage tanks, drain pits, coalescers. ROO’S requirements on ‘confined space entry’ shall strictly be complied with.
Ras Al Khaimah was responsible to provide air fed equipment to personnel in vessel for inspection or repair whilst in confined space. All personnel working in the vessel or tank shall be ‘confined space’ trained.
Ras Al Khaimah also provided cleaning services on associated piping and instrumentation.
This required, however not limited to:
De-blocking of various sizes of line from pumps and storage tanks, removal of man ways and spools and valves associated with vessels being cleaned and refurbished. In this regard Ras Al Khaimah replaced instrument and piping and replacement of valves and spools.

2-Vessel & Tank Internal/external Repairs
Ras Al Khaimah performed internal/external repair works as required by ROO. We performed surface blasting using garnet/grit or sand as per the industry standards. and performed internal coating or painting works as required by ROO.

3-Minor Modification:
Ras Al Khaimah provided minor modification including fabrication of spools and pipe work repair as directed by ROO. This included but not limited to welding, grinding, cutting, hydro testing and radiography.

4-Lifting & Support Equipments, Supplies and Associated Gears, Slings, Hoists etc.
Ras Al Khaimah supplied material and manpower for the erection of scaffolding where required in order to provide services as mentioned herein.
In performance of WORK mentioned herein Ras Al Khaimah provided generator, pickup, trucks, trailers, cranes, hiab cranes, slings, hoists, hoses, forklifts, water, fuel, lubes, vacuum tanker, air mover, blower for ventilation of vessels and air supply compatible for air fed mask for personnel working. All lifting equipment, accessories, drivers and operators are certified and possess valid licenses.

5-Internal cleaning & inspection of separator
Contract No.CN 101377 Mishrif qurainat DS project 1st stage train A – , Internal Cleaning & lining of Train A Dehydrator Shamiya CN 101377, Grit blasting & internal vessel coating in DS4 & DS5 CPECC/IRAQ/RUMAILA-CN101476/SBC/2014/001, All Ratqa DS separators ,desolaters and dehydrators cleaning ,grit blasting, coating and repairing CN1010128 and CN103128, Internal vessel cleaning & coating at NIDS and Janubia CN101377, Markazia DS TR.C and TR.D&E dehydrators internal cleaning, grit blasting ,removing old filters and installing new filters with all required fabrication ,repairing and all required electrical ,civil and mechanical activities CN101377, Rumaila SIDS Train I Desalter CN101377

6- Insulation Removal
Contract with BP for the provision of insulation removal, washing the place of removed insulation by water and disposing it.