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ROO (BP) two years, a multi million dollars Scaffolding Contract OR103711, we already erected scaffolding for around 50 locations in NR and SR fields.
The scope of work is :
The work includes, but is not limited to:
1. Supply, erect, modify and dismantle scaffolding as and when instructed by ROO via a Purchase Order/Contract/Call off.
2. The provision of certain categories of labor.
3. All scaffolding supplied must comprise of Steel Toe-boards and Steel Platforms.
4. Implementing and maintaining all Safety Scaffolding Regulations, including total compliance with the OHSA Act Regulations.
5. Provisions for detailed planning to fit in with key dates identified by ROO.

Latest contracts:

1. Saipem : Purchase order No. 981912
2. BGC (Basra Gas Company) contract no. UI-47625
3. Unaoil: CON.1686-3185
4. Arabian Industries
5. Long term TAR contract CN101377 and Fabrication contract CN101607 for supporting scaffolding services.