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Civil Works, Buildings and Foundation
Permanent and Temporary buildings, sunshades, and equipment shelters, including their foundations. Scope includes: Repairs and modifications to existing as well as supply of new utility services to and from buildings, pathways, roads, trenching work, landscaping and finishing. Scope includes: Design and fabrication of buildings, foundations, and their utility services as and when required.

Current Project
Project Name: civil Project (clean water tank 3)
Client Name: ROO, BP
Contract Number: CN101778
Site: water injection station in Qarmat ALI
Brief Description of Project: Refurbishment clean water tank 3 project a contract between RAK & ROO BP, and Petrofac as a contractor. The location of water injection station in Qarmat ALI
the contract is clean water tank 3. The content of the contract are to general maintenance for the clean water tank 3 ( demolition of the roof and rebuild it , treatment of the wall and floor , inspection of the thank) under the specified terms and conditions, the content period is five months and its start from 1 Aug and finish 30 Des

Activities done for this project: Main activities done for this project are as following

  • Erect barricade around the worksite
  • Erect scaffolding to access the all work area
  • Preparation all document (Prepare Plot Plan, Demolition Method Statement & HSE Plan)
  • Demolition of the roof
  • Removal of the rubble
  • Treatment of the wall and floor (Clean walls & floor for inspection , Inspect walls and floor, identify ,chipping and water blasting for the wall , Remove debris , Repair cracks , Apply wall coating)
  • Re-Casting of the Column
  • Re- Casting of the Roof


Total Man hours: 12400
Starting Date: 1 Aug 2015
Status : Still in service

Previous Project
Has been the implementation of several projects in the stations at South and Northern Rumaila , this projects part from the fabrication projects ,of these project is :
Project Name: Shamyia MOC-79 project ,Shamyia MOC-80 project , NIDS project ,DS3 (PWD) Project CN101607 OR113617,PWD – Produced water Disposal skids project-DS2 CN 101607 / OR 113619 …. etc.
Client Name: ROO , BP
Contract Number: MOC-79 , MOC-80 , CN101607 OR113617 , 101607 / OR 113619
Site: Shamyia station in south Rumaila , Degasing station (DS4) in northern Rumaila , Degasing station(DS2) in northern Rumaila
Brief Description of Project: installation of concrete supports for the pipes and excavation of sleeves and Pour concrete

Activities done for this project:

  • Preparation the work area
  • Measurement the work area
  • Excavation area for install the foundations
  • Installation of the foundation