Civil Projects


Ras Al Khaimah completed many successful civil projects with multi million dollars with the local government in Basra and a contract for two million dollars construct Daro (British company) warehouse which is around 2500 square meter in North Rumaila Field.

Civil Works, Buildings and Foundation
Permanent and Temporary buildings, sunshades, and equipment shelters, including their foundations. Scope includes: Repairs and modifications to existing as well as supply of new utility services to and from buildings, pathways, roads, trenching work, landscaping and finishing. Scope includes: Design and fabrication of buildings, foundations, and their utility services as and when required.

Current Project
Project Name: civil Project (clean water tank 3)
Client Name: ROO, BP
Contract Number: CN101778
Site: water injection station in Qarmat ALI
Brief Description of Project: Refurbishment clean water tank 3 project a contract between RAK & ROO BP, and Petrofac as a contractor. The location of water injection station in Qarmat ALI
the contract is clean water tank 3. The content of the contract are to general maintenance for the clean water tank 3 ( demolition of the roof and rebuild it , treatment of the wall and floor , inspection of the thank) under the specified terms and conditions, the content period is five months and its start from 1 Aug and finish 30 Des
Activities done for this project: Main activities done for this project are as following

  • Erect barricade around the worksite
  • Erect scaffolding to access the all work area
  • Preparation all document (Prepare Plot Plan, Demolition Method Statement & HSE Plan)
  • Demolition of the roof
  • Removal of the rubble
  • Treatment of the wall and floor (Clean walls & floor for inspection , Inspect walls and floor, identify ,chipping and water blasting for the wall , Remove debris , Repair cracks , Apply wall coating)
  • Re-Casting of the Column
  • Re- Casting of the Roof


Total Man hours: 12400
Starting Date: 1 Aug 2015
Status : Still in service

Previous Project
Has been the implementation of several projects in the stations at South and Northern Rumaila , this projects part from the fabrication projects ,of these project is :
Project Name: Shamyia MOC-79 project ,Shamyia MOC-80 project , NIDS project ,DS3 (PWD) Project CN101607 OR113617,PWD - Produced water Disposal skids project-DS2 CN 101607 / OR 113619 .... etc.
Client Name: ROO , BP
Contract Number: MOC-79 , MOC-80 , CN101607 OR113617 , 101607 / OR 113619
Site: Shamyia station in south Rumaila , Degasing station (DS4) in northern Rumaila , Degasing station(DS2) in northern Rumaila
Brief Description of Project: installation of concrete supports for the pipes and excavation of sleeves and Pour concrete
Activities done for this project:

  • Preparation the work area
  • Measurement the work area
  • Excavation area for install the foundations
  • Installation of the foundation


The serious management and qualified personnel awards the perfect

control on the sites.

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